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COVID-19 Safety

Muse Restaurant is COVID-19 Safe Registered Venue.

Muse Restaurant operates as a ‘COVID SAFE’ Registered business. The safety of Muse Restaurant guests and staff is our venue’s highest priority. As such, we wish to exceed requirements in place by NSW Government and Health authorities to assist in ensuring Muse is a safe venue for all.

COVID safe practices are conducted on a daily basis, which include

  • Frequently reviewing and updating our practices, based on the guidelines provided by the NSW Health and Government authorities.
  • Adhering with any government advised restrictions and/or requirements for density, distancing, duration of visit, record keeping, travel restrictions and vaccination requirements.
  • Ensuring that any guests or staff members who are feeling unwell, especially if showing common COVID symptoms, such as cough or fever, are instructed to stay at home. Muse Restaurant staff have the right to refuse service and insist that anyone with these symptoms leave the premises.
  • Having a COVID SAFE HYGIENE MARSHALL on duty during our service times. This Marshall, as well as several our of team, have completed a ‘COVID Safe Hygiene Marshall’ course offered by Clear to Work Australia, as well as a ‘Hospitality Best Practice Training’ course offered by The Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia. All staff members are also encouraged to complete training from the ‘COVID-19 awareness for food service’ voluntary online course, offered by the NSW food authority.
  • Providing masks to all Muse Restaurant employees who desire them and having single-use masks available for our guests upon request. Masking wearing guidelines will be followed as required.
  • Requesting that all guests comply with any and all lockdown and travel restrictions set in place by NSW Health and any Government authorities. Guests travelling from areas under current restrictions will not be permitted to dine.
  • Providing complementary hand sanitiser, and encouraging frequent hand washing.
  • Following extensive cleaning routine, which includes frequent sanitation of common areas and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Utilising signage and floor markings for COVID hygiene practices, such as correct hand washing technique, physical distancing indication and NSW Health posters for COVID awareness and safety.